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Why Commuters Prefer Serviced Accommodation to Hotels

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UK is full of commuters and business travellers. In the past, most of these people preferred to book a hotel room because it was widely available and easy to book.  However, recent trends show that commuters choose to stay at serviced accommodation such as guest houses and short let flats. In fact, many of them happily confirm that staying at serviced accommodation is a lot better than in a hotel room. Well, we aren’t really surprised, but here are the reasons why.


The top priority for people who travel on business is privacy and comfort. While there are great hotels where comfort is not an issue, privacy certainly is. Why not have both at a serviced apartment or a house somewhere in the countryside? In  Oxfordshire, for example, you could find beautiful holiday lets that have everything you need and are very close to nature.

Size of the rooms and feeling of home

As we know, most hotels provide small or medium sized rooms with tiny ensuite bathrooms. It is true that you aren’t on a vacation and won’t spend too much time in the room, but does it mean you have to feel like you are in a box? Of course not!  Serviced accommodation properties provide commuters with more space, a separate bathroom and a kitchen! The price difference is usually insignificant compared to the extra benefits you get with short let apartments and houses. The feeling of being at home is much more real in this type of accommodation.

Room service issue

Not all hotels would have 24-hour room service and even if they do, it is very expensive and the food doesn’t taste great. Imagine coming back from a late meeting and being really hungry. At any serviced accommodation you will have a kitchen and a few provisions for you to cook something quick, done to your own taste.

The housekeeping service

We’ve heard many stories about hotel maids who are intrusive and disturb the hotel guests. With serviced accommodation this risk is eliminated. The housekeeping service is very discrete and flexible. They will come when it is convenient for you and will do impeccable job.

Free parking space

If you are a commuter between cities, you probably use your own car. Not all hotels will offer free parking and even if they do, on busy days and weekends, you may not find a good enough space. If you are staying at a short let apartment or a house, chances are you will have at least one space to park and not pay extra.

These are just a few of the reasons why commuters prefer serviced accommodation to hotel rooms. We are sure there are more. If you can think of something important we have missed, let us know. We’d love to hear your take on this.

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