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International Travel Restrictions Are What British Economy Needed

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On 3rd July, the UK government published the full list of countries where travel for holidays will not be followed by a 14-day quarantine upon the return of the travellers. Most of these countries have also agreed to lift quarantine for UK arrivals. Many British holiday makers were excited they would be able to enjoy the sunny Spanish beaches, drink wine in France and savour authentic Italian food. But quite a few of the popular summer holiday destinations didn’t make the list. Aside from the inconvenience for some immigrant workers, these travel restrictions could be just what the British economy needed.

More people are thinking about British Tourism

Yes, summer in the UK is not as hot and sunny as in Portugal or Greece, but we do have a number of beautiful beaches, picturesque natural landscapes, historic monuments and attractions worth visiting. On 4th July, the restrictions on the hospitality sector were lifted and people are now able to book hotel rooms or entire serviced accommodations.

A lot of museums, action parks and farms open their doors for visitors from mid July or early August.

In our previous blog post, we shared with you the top 10 tourists destinations in the UK for 2020. From the mighty Scottish islands, full of historic spirit, through culture-rich Oxford, down to beautiful and lively Plymouth.

Hotels have already started bookings for non-essential stay through July and August in various parts of the UK. Similar is the case with AirBnB, independent holiday lets and serviced apartments. This means more people who work in the hospitality industry will be able to keep their jobs rather than relying on government help.

Hotels and holiday lets being back in business creates more jobs for other local and smaller businesses like cleaning companies, for example. Housekeeping and maintenance services are often outsourced to such organisations or independent cleaners. Statistically, a large percentage of the workforce in that industry is formed by Eastern European immigrants, who under current travel restrictions are discouraged from travelling back to their countries for the summer. This would mean, there are enough workers to meet the demand if it surges in the coming weeks.

Staying Home this Summer is Safer

Not travelling abroad this summer might be the more sensible option from a health perspective. The coronavirus seems to be still much active in many European and other countries around the world. Even the travel destinations with which the UK has established air bridges still have over 100 new registered cases per day. Tourist spots would be the fastest places to flare up not long after the flights start bringing holiday makers.

Furthermore, due to Brexit, some European countries started denying the validity of European Health Insurance Cards. Therefore, you will need to have a separate holiday health insurance to receive medical help during your time away.

Where to Stay on Your Staycation

Although you may be used to hotels and room service, if you are up for exploring the British countryside and beautiful sights, we recommend staying in a self-contained short let accommodation. This way you will enjoy in full a peaceful environment, your privacy and will be able to immerse into the local culture.

You can find enchanting cottages across the country with rustic interiors but fully functional and convenient. What’s more, staying in a serviced accommodation is safer than in a hotel. There are minimal chances of cross contamination and infection control is easier.

If you are planning a family trip, short lets should be the first thing you consider. Your holiday should be all about relaxation and making memories.


Would you be visiting a British town or area for your summer holiday this year?

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