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10 Best Short Let Apartments in Oxfordshire

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10 Best Short Let Apartments in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is one of the most popular countryside tourist destinations. There’s just so much culture and history in the area that you almost feel like you’ve ended up in a magic land. When coming here, booking a hotel is not the best option. Why? Because it takes off that very special atmosphere and feeling. Many holiday goers and even commuters prefer to book a short let apartment or another type of private serviced accommodation. Here is our guide on the 10 best short let accommodations in Oxfordshire.

The Holton Annex

It is a relatively new one-bed apartment, situated in the Holton village. The property is small, but very cosy, ideal for a single person, a couple or a young family. There is an option to have your breakfast included in booking, free Wi-Fi and a parking space. If you are going for a weekend away and your primary goal is to relax, this is your place.

Light & Cosy Village Apartment, Wheatley

Recently renovated, the Wheatley Serviced Apartment attracts many visitors from the country and abroad. It’s located in a large village in Oxfordshire, only 5 miles away from the city. It is also 1-bed short let accommodation with separate kitchen and dining facilities. Coming to Oxford to do some sightseeing during the day and have a restful sleep during the night? Stay at the Wheatley Serviced Apartment.

The Littlegood Lodge

Dying for that authentic countryside feel? You should stay at the Littlegood lodge. It’s quite remote from Oxford, and it’s part of the Littlegood Farm in Banbury. The cottage is suitable for a couple or a small family. All rooms are on the ground floor and there are some catering options you could include in your booking.

Heath Farm Holiday Cottage

More rural tourism - the Heath Farm Holiday Cottage is an excellent choice all year round. It’s interior reminds of the olden days with a functional fireplace and brick walls. There is a beautiful garden which blooms with different flowers during the summer. If you have young children they will enjoy running on the green pastures and feeding the sheep and goats.

Thackley End Serviced Apartments

If you prefer something more modern, check out Thackley End Serviced Apartments. They are located in the outskirts of Oxford with excellent access to all cultural and historic sightseeing the city has to offer. Wi-Fi is included and weekly maintenance of the property is arranged should you decide to stay longer.

The Tidmarsh

You could stay right next to Oxford Castle if you book the Tidmarsh. The property is within walking distance to Oxford University too. It has received the Visit England’s 5* Gold Award, which tells you why it is one of the best short let apartments in Oxfordshire. Excellent facilities and transport links.

Oxford Brookes Venues

Going on a trip with a friends? You may like the Oxford Brookes Venues. Previously, it was student accommodation, but turned into short let accommodation for commuters and tourists in 2016. It is very well located and fully equipped with a self-catered kitchen.

The Walton Gardens

Perhaps you are after some luxury. The Walton Gardens short let apartment has it. The accommodation also offers a lovely private garden and it is situated right at the heart of Oxford. The average price per night is £225 and you can add a breakfast option.

Lake Street Accommodation

One of the favourite short lets in Oxfordshire for couples is the Lake Street Accommodation. It is located in the city of Oxford and the prices are quite modest - £76 per night. There is free Wi-Fi and parking. Plenty of entertainment options around.

The Manor Barn Cottage

Back to the picturesque Oxfordshire countryside, a brilliant choice for short stay would be the Manor Barn Cottage in Wendlebury village. It is close to the famous Bicester Village Shopping Centre where you can find exclusive designer items.

Those are the 10 best short let apartments and serviced accommodations in Oxfordshire based on the visitors’ ratings. Do you have a favourite place to stay in the area?

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