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Visiting Oxford University

If you haven’t made your holiday plans already, you should think about visiting Oxford University soon. It’s one of the world’s most famous higher education institutions

Oxford university is one of the most famous higher education institutions in the world. Centuries of history and traditions are collected under the magnificent set of buildings that form the campuses. Many famous Britons and people from all over the world, have attended Oxford University through the years. Apart from being a highly renowned educational establishment, it is also a popular tourist destination. If you haven’t sorted your summer plans already, you should think about visiting Oxford University soon.

Visiting Oxford University

Visiting Oxford University

Learning About the Oxford University History

Many people visit Oxford University just to learn more about the history of the building and the school. They want to hear stories about famous alumni and see the way students were taught back in the day. For many it is simply a tourist attraction and we are not going to lie, the architecture of those buildings is exquisite! You won’t regret spending a weekend or several days in Oxfordshire, exploring the University campuses and visiting other landmarks in the area. If that’s your plan, you should book a comfortable and cosy accommodation, where you can rest peacefully and enjoy privacy. Short let flats and serviced apartments are a brilliant option.

Visiting Oxford University as a Prospective Student

If you are thinking of going to Oxford University you must be very ambitious and ready for a challenge. With long and well kept traditions, Oxford University has a lot to offer to its prospective students during a visit. Learn about the life on campus, the curriculum, the professors and other important things you need to know before you join. There’s an option to book a room at the school dorms, which may be a good idea to try if you are planning to live on campus. However, it may also be a good idea to get a better feel of the life in the city and the surrounding areas. It may be cheaper to rent a place in a nearby village. So, in that case, when visiting Oxford university as a prospective student, book a private accommodation in town or close to it. Something similar to what you would rent for longer term, either by yourself, or with some of your friends.

Stop by Blenheim Palace

If you have already planned a visit to Oxford university, do not go back home before you see Blenheim Palace. It’s an emblematic place for the whole of the UK – the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. The palace is huge, complemented by a large, beautiful garden. One day will certainly not be enough to look through it all. We would recommend extending your visit to Oxfordshire to make the most of this very English, full of history and culture area. And to make your stay more pleasant, book yourself a cosy little serviced apartment. You will enjoy undisturbed privacy and quality maintenance of a 5-star hotel.

Looking for a place to stay during your visit to Oxford University or the Oxfordshire area? SA Oxford has the best and most convenient short let flats and serviced accommodation. We have hosted hundreds of happy tourists and commuters. Why don’t you be the next?

Things to do on a Weekend in Cotswolds

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Cotswolds is a popular tourist area for many British and international families. The nature, the history, the architecture make it all worth it visiting this place for relaxation and cultural enrichment. Provided you have a comfortable accommodation to stay in, there are plenty of things to do on a weekend in Cotswolds. We will always recommend private rented short let flat just to be able to fully enjoy your time in the countryside.

Gaze at the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Cotswolds is well known for its breathtaking nature. It was specially designed as an area of outstanding beauty in 1966 and then expanded almost 30 years later. It is an incredibly popular tourist destination, visited by more than 23 million tourists each year. It is impossible to go through the whole area, spreading over 2000 square kilometres in just one day. In fact, you probably won’t be able to see everything in a weekend too. This natural beauty is worth paying a longer visit, especially if you are a family with young kids or keen nature lovers. Short let accommodation in Oxford area could be a great solution for your housing needs.

Turn on the Romance

Weekend getaway for two? Cotswolds has the best place for you and your loved one to visit. The Lower Slaughter is a village in the area, which is famous for its very old and quaint architecture. Most of all, it is home to the most romantic street in the UK – Copse Hill Road. To make sure your weekend getaway is truly one to remember, book a private short let flat in the area and immerse in the company of your other half.

Visit a Beautiful Castle from the Middle Ages

Britain’s history is long and compelling and Cotswolds has many of the most remarkable structures existing for centuries. Sudeley Castle is a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. It has a beautiful garden and the guides can tell you stories dating far back to the 15th and even 12th century.

Have a Great Wine Tasting Experience

Cotswolds Distillery in Stourton is a must-see place during your weekend at Cotswolds. The distillery offers experience packages, which include tasting of natural spirits, presentation room and light bites throughout the day. It’s a perfect option for weekends with friends or great date idea. To make your visit to Cotswold absolutely amazing, book a serviced apartment just for yourself and your friends or date. This will be the perfect finishing touch to a breathtaking weekend in the countryside.

Explore Cotswolds Wildlife Park

Taking the kids for a lovely holiday at the countryside? Cotswolds Wildlife Park will be a main place for interest for all children and animal lovers. There are over 260 different species in the park ready to be seen by keen explorers. The park has 7 different exhibits – Walled Garden, Madagascar, Woodland Walk, Large Mammals, Reptile, Bat and Insect House, Around the Manor House and Around the Train Station.

If you are looking to spend a magical weekend in Cotswolds, have a look at the available properties on SA Oxford. We offer well-maintained cosy serviced apartments in Oxfordshire.

Summer Getaways in Oxford

Summer Getaways in Oxford

The kids are out for holiday and those plane ticket prices are a nightmare! You can’t wait to take your annual leave, but where would you go? Anywhere that’s not home, right? We would suggest a lovely summer getaway in Oxford. Oxfordshire is such a magnificent and filled with history and spirit area. It’s one of the most magical and traditional places in Britain, inspired many authors and filmmakers. And don’t worry, we’ll give you some ideas on how to spend your time in Oxfordshire in any kind of weather.


Go for the Culture


A summer getaway in Oxford can be the perfect option if you love learning about the past and gazing at architecture from different centuries. In Oxford alone, there are buildings from all major architectural eras from 11th century till today. How amazing is that? You will be able to visit the emblematic Oxford University, as well as Blenheim Palace and Oxford Castle and Prison. These are all places that one should visit at least once in their lifetime. The best part of this is, you can explore even on a rainy day. However, if you are lucky enough with a sunny hot day, don’t miss to take a walk in Blenheim Palace Gardens.


Go for the Country Life


Oxfordshire has many local farms that accept visitors. It will be a fun experience from your children to find out how their food is produced and how to take care of farm animals. Some places also offer horse riding and goats feeding sessions or gardening activities. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city, this could be a good way to relax and savour the village lifestyle. A true getaway in Oxfordshire.


Go for the Nature


Maybe you are not a fan of farms, but you love nature. Oxfordshire has a lot to offer to nature lovers for a lovely summer getaway. One of the best places to visit in Cotswolds. The area is full of things to do alone, with friends, with your partner or with the whole family. The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is simply amazing, spreading over more than 2000 square kilometres of land.


Go for the Shopping


Perhaps you love fancy things and designer brands are your guilty pleasure. Book yourself a summer getaway in Oxford and dive into crazy shopping sessions at the Bicester village mall. It’s a luxury shopping destination offering 60% discounts on major international brands all year round!


Planning your Getaway in Oxford


If you already know what you would like to do in Oxford or the nearby towns and villages, you need to find a place to stay. The hotels are always an option, but their main disadvantage is lack of privacy and commercialism. If it is a getaway, you would like to enjoy full freedom, peace of mind and relaxation. Booking a serviced apartment in Oxfordshire will give you just that. It’s cosy, it’s well-maintained, has everything you need and best of all, it’s just for you and your loved ones.


When choosing a short let in Oxfordshire, make sure you check the available amenities, nearby shops, parking space and transport links. This is important for your own convenience. Have a look at some of our available properties and make a booking before they are all gone!

How to Choose the Right Guest House for Your Trip to the Countryside

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Travelling to the countryside? Where are you staying? A Hotel? Nah, that's not so convenient. Why not try a guest house? There are numerous reasons why this is a better option when you are going on a holiday somewhere in Oxfordshire, for example. Perhaps, you've never gone for such an option before and you have many questions. Not to worry! We'll show you how to choose the right guest house for your trip to the countryside.

Don't go with the cheapest option

It is natural for most holiday goers to try and safe some money on the accommodation. But very often this turns out to be a mistake they deeply regret. The most important thing is to know what you will need during your stay and make sure your guest house or serviced accommodation ticks all of the essential boxes. Compare different properties in the area and make a decision based on quality and satisfaction, not on price. You are going to be on a holiday, after all! It's important to feel good and relaxed, not miserably counting the days to get back home.

Location, location, location

Since you are going to the countryside, you need to make sure that you book a guest house situated in a good location. If you are driving, then look for holiday lets that are close to the main roads. If you are using the public transport, then make sure there is a bus stop close by and the guest house is not too far from the train station.

Go for Bed and Breakfast package

Self-catered holiday lets are great, but we would recommend you include some catering options. At least have breakfast as part of the deal. Otherwise you may need to drive a couple of miles to the closest shop in the countryside for food supplies. Check what catering packages are available for the guest house you want to book before you make your decision.

Don't forget the Wi-Fi

Unless you've decided to go completely offline on your holiday to the countryside, you want to make sure, your serviced accommodation provides good and free Wi-Fi connection. And if you are travelling with children, believe us, you'll certainly want to have Internet access at least for a while.

Make sure your guest house will be regularly serviced

One of the perks of staying in a hotel is that you don't have to do any of the cleaning yourself. Well, this is also the case with serviced accommodation if you find the right one. When you are choosing a guest house for your holiday, be sure to check what are the maid service arrangements. Most short let owners will give you several options to choose from. Decide what suits you best and go for it.

A trip to the countryside is always a good idea! When you choose the right accommodation to stay in, it turns into a blissful experience to cherish for long.

Why Commuters Prefer Serviced Accommodation to Hotels

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UK is full of commuters and business travellers. In the past, most of these people preferred to book a hotel room because it was widely available and easy to book.  However, recent trends show that commuters choose to stay at serviced accommodation such as guest houses and short let flats. In fact, many of them happily confirm that staying at serviced accommodation is a lot better than in a hotel room. Well, we aren’t really surprised, but here are the reasons why.


The top priority for people who travel on business is privacy and comfort. While there are great hotels where comfort is not an issue, privacy certainly is. Why not have both at a serviced apartment or a house somewhere in the countryside? In  Oxfordshire, for example, you could find beautiful holiday lets that have everything you need and are very close to nature.

Size of the rooms and feeling of home

As we know, most hotels provide small or medium sized rooms with tiny ensuite bathrooms. It is true that you aren’t on a vacation and won’t spend too much time in the room, but does it mean you have to feel like you are in a box? Of course not!  Serviced accommodation properties provide commuters with more space, a separate bathroom and a kitchen! The price difference is usually insignificant compared to the extra benefits you get with short let apartments and houses. The feeling of being at home is much more real in this type of accommodation.

Room service issue

Not all hotels would have 24-hour room service and even if they do, it is very expensive and the food doesn’t taste great. Imagine coming back from a late meeting and being really hungry. At any serviced accommodation you will have a kitchen and a few provisions for you to cook something quick, done to your own taste.

The housekeeping service

We’ve heard many stories about hotel maids who are intrusive and disturb the hotel guests. With serviced accommodation this risk is eliminated. The housekeeping service is very discrete and flexible. They will come when it is convenient for you and will do impeccable job.

Free parking space

If you are a commuter between cities, you probably use your own car. Not all hotels will offer free parking and even if they do, on busy days and weekends, you may not find a good enough space. If you are staying at a short let apartment or a house, chances are you will have at least one space to park and not pay extra.

These are just a few of the reasons why commuters prefer serviced accommodation to hotel rooms. We are sure there are more. If you can think of something important we have missed, let us know. We’d love to hear your take on this.

10 Best Short Let Apartments in Oxfordshire

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10 Best Short Let Apartments in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is one of the most popular countryside tourist destinations. There’s just so much culture and history in the area that you almost feel like you’ve ended up in a magic land. When coming here, booking a hotel is not the best option. Why? Because it takes off that very special atmosphere and feeling. Many holiday goers and even commuters prefer to book a short let apartment or another type of private serviced accommodation. Here is our guide on the 10 best short let accommodations in Oxfordshire.

The Holton Annex

It is a relatively new one-bed apartment, situated in the Holton village. The property is small, but very cosy, ideal for a single person, a couple or a young family. There is an option to have your breakfast included in booking, free Wi-Fi and a parking space. If you are going for a weekend away and your primary goal is to relax, this is your place.

Light & Cosy Village Apartment, Wheatley

Recently renovated, the Wheatley Serviced Apartment attracts many visitors from the country and abroad. It’s located in a large village in Oxfordshire, only 5 miles away from the city. It is also 1-bed short let accommodation with separate kitchen and dining facilities. Coming to Oxford to do some sightseeing during the day and have a restful sleep during the night? Stay at the Wheatley Serviced Apartment.

The Littlegood Lodge

Dying for that authentic countryside feel? You should stay at the Littlegood lodge. It’s quite remote from Oxford, and it’s part of the Littlegood Farm in Banbury. The cottage is suitable for a couple or a small family. All rooms are on the ground floor and there are some catering options you could include in your booking.

Heath Farm Holiday Cottage

More rural tourism - the Heath Farm Holiday Cottage is an excellent choice all year round. It’s interior reminds of the olden days with a functional fireplace and brick walls. There is a beautiful garden which blooms with different flowers during the summer. If you have young children they will enjoy running on the green pastures and feeding the sheep and goats.

Thackley End Serviced Apartments

If you prefer something more modern, check out Thackley End Serviced Apartments. They are located in the outskirts of Oxford with excellent access to all cultural and historic sightseeing the city has to offer. Wi-Fi is included and weekly maintenance of the property is arranged should you decide to stay longer.

The Tidmarsh

You could stay right next to Oxford Castle if you book the Tidmarsh. The property is within walking distance to Oxford University too. It has received the Visit England’s 5* Gold Award, which tells you why it is one of the best short let apartments in Oxfordshire. Excellent facilities and transport links.

Oxford Brookes Venues

Going on a trip with a friends? You may like the Oxford Brookes Venues. Previously, it was student accommodation, but turned into short let accommodation for commuters and tourists in 2016. It is very well located and fully equipped with a self-catered kitchen.

The Walton Gardens

Perhaps you are after some luxury. The Walton Gardens short let apartment has it. The accommodation also offers a lovely private garden and it is situated right at the heart of Oxford. The average price per night is £225 and you can add a breakfast option.

Lake Street Accommodation

One of the favourite short lets in Oxfordshire for couples is the Lake Street Accommodation. It is located in the city of Oxford and the prices are quite modest - £76 per night. There is free Wi-Fi and parking. Plenty of entertainment options around.

The Manor Barn Cottage

Back to the picturesque Oxfordshire countryside, a brilliant choice for short stay would be the Manor Barn Cottage in Wendlebury village. It is close to the famous Bicester Village Shopping Centre where you can find exclusive designer items.

Those are the 10 best short let apartments and serviced accommodations in Oxfordshire based on the visitors’ ratings. Do you have a favourite place to stay in the area?

What to Consider When Booking a Short Let

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You’ve made the decision that this time you are going to ditch the boring hotels and get a nice, cosy, private short let accommodation for your stay away from home. Great job! However, if you haven’t done before or didn’t have the best experience last time, you should really know what to consider when booking a short let. We are going to outline some of the essentials in this article.


The Location

No doubt, the location would one of the first things you will consider when booking a short let. If you are on a business trip, it is important the place to be located close to your meeting point or place of work.


The Transport Links

If the short let accommodation isn’t that close to where you would be spending most of your time during the day, then at least, it must have good transport links, whether through public transport or by driving. Transport is also important if you are on holiday and you want to make the most of the area you are staying in, exploring different sites and attractions.


The Surroundings

Make sure you check what’s around your short let. Are there any shops and amenities nearby? Is it in a remote green area? Can you get some quiet and peaceful time? Are there any neighbours? Those are all questions you need to ask yourself or the holiday let owner before you make your booking.


The Facilities

Your comfort and security are very important during your stay away from home. Find out what is available in the property. You should be looking for things like air conditioning and heating, telephone line, wifi, TV, fridge and cooking facilities. Some short lets offer a lot more extras, which you can enjoy.


The Services

Apart from the facilities that you can use in the short let accommodation, you need to know what services will be made available to you, for example, housekeeping, laundry and ironing. You can ask your host for the arrangements that have been put in place in regards to this and you can also request to have a housekeeper coming in at a time and frequency that suits you.


The Terms and Conditions

It is essential that you check the terms and conditions for renting the holiday let before you make a booking. Read carefully and don’t just skip the details. They are important because usually, people oversee the little things that they deem insignificant but end up paying a lot more than the initial booking in penalty fees and charges.

We hope this article gave you some valuable information and guidance on what to consider when booking a short let. If you have any questions or you wish to book one of our properties for your stay away from home, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist.


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7 Fun Things to Do in Oxford

South Oxfordshire Short Lets

Have you planned a trip to Oxfordshire any time soon? Or perhaps you are going there for business? Either way, you’d probably find yourself with some free time on your hands during your stay. Instead of staying at your hotel room or holiday let, you should explore Oxford and the nearby areas. No worries if you don’t know what you can do, we offer you 7 fun things to do in Oxford, no matter what kind of activities you prefer.


Cotswold Wildlife Park

If you love nature or you came to the trip with children, we recommend a visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. It’s located in Burford, which is less than 40 minutes drive to Oxford. In the park you can see a wide selection of wild animals, such as rhinos, giraffes and lemurs. There are also different activities and events in which you can take part during your visit. It is, no doubt one of the most fun places to see in Oxfordshire.


Oxford Castle and Prison

If you are a fan of historical sights you should certainly take a trip to Oxford Castle and Prison. There are over 1,000 years of history locked in that place. You could have a tour with professional guides, dressed in various age specific costumes, who will make you totally immerse in the fascinating stories and facts about the people who lived there and the stories the castle and the prison keep for centuries.


Broughton Castle

Fancy tea in a real castle from the Middle ages? You should go to Broughton Castle. It’s 45 minutes drive from Oxford, but the trip is totally worth it. The place is particularly beautiful during the spring and summer with large gardens and unique architecture.


Blenheim Palace

While we are on the castle and palace tours, it would be a serious error if we forget to mention the Blenheim Palace. It’s one of the official UNESCO World Heritage sites spreading over 2,000 acres of land. This is the birthplace of one of the greatest Britons, sir Winston Churchill. The palace and its gardens are huge. It will be impossible to see everything in just a day, so perhaps you’d like to plan a weekend for it.


Punting Down the River Cherwell

If you want to truly rest and reconnect with the beauty оf nature you should go for punting down the River Cherwell. Punting is an old British tradition and it is could turn into a romantic date for you and your loved one or just recharging and reflective journey if you take it on your own.


Shopping at Oxfordshire

The whole Oxfordshire area is popular for its many shopping attractions from local markets to luxury shopping villages. Must visit shopping sites are the Westgate Shopping Market, where 18th century architecture meets modern brands and the Bicester Village. The latter is a unique shopping village, accommodating more than 160 world-known brands with 60% discounts on all retail prices all year round. If that’s not the heaven for shoppers, we don’t know what it would be.


The Oxford University

We were saving this one for lasts. Oxford University is the oldest university in the entire English speaking world. It comprises of 38 independent colleges spread over the city. It is a popular tourist attraction for people all over the world, so it will truly be a shame to come to Oxford and not take a tour at Oxford University.

Hotel vs Short Let – Pros and Cons

holiday lets for guests

Are you one of these people who travel a lot for business? Maybe you just like taking trips with your family to the countryside or exploring new cities. If that sounds like you, then you are probably well familiar with the accommodation options you have when away from home. However, for many inexperienced travellers or commuters booking a hotel room or renting a short let accommodation is a dilemma they spend a lot of time and thought on. That’s why we decided to present some of the pros and cons of each options and maybe see who wins the Hotel vs Short Let battle.


Booking a Hotel Room

The Pros

Most good hotels are well equipped with a variety of facilities, from room service to a leisure centre. During your stay you don’t need to lift a finger because the housekeeping teams are usually good and do everything for you. Your bed is made daily, your towels and toiletries are replenished, your rooms is cleaned and tidied. In some cases even your food throughout the day is included. You get to meet new people and enjoy a variety of activities by yourself or as part of an entertainment programme.

The Cons

Paying for a hotel room for a longer period of time can be very expensive. And in some hotels, even a short stay is quite costly. But that’s not the biggest disadvantage. The feeling of cosiness is often absent. Despite the fact that you can lock yourself in your room, privacy in hotels is also questionable. It’s no secret that, unfortunately, in a lot of hotels food isn’t great and even if it is included in the price you paid, you may end up paying extra to get something else from outside. Probably, the most significant negative for many people is the fact that they just won’t feel at home, especially if they need to stay for longer than a week.


Short Lets

 The Pros

What you cannot have in a hotel, you can certainly have in a serviced apartment or a short let accomodation. These are properties rented out to private tenants for a short period of time ranging for a couple of night to 3 months. It’s ideal for an extended business trip (over a week or two) or a summer family holiday. The privacy and comfort are guaranteed because there is no one else in the property except for you and your friends if they came along. At the same time, a team of specially trained housekeepers visit your short let every day or as frequently as you have requested at a time that is most convenient for you. It could be during the day when you are out and about or at night when you’ve gone out partying if that’s your cup of tea. We wouldn’t say that short let properties are cheap, but they may come cheaper compared to hotels, especially if rented for a longer period of time.

The Cons

Well, of course nothing is perfect. Short lets have their disadvantages as well, but honestly, we can’t think of too many of them. It would be fair to mention that you may miss the social factor when renting a short let accommodation, especially if it is in a remote area in the countryside. But perhaps solitude is exactly what you were looking for. If not, then maybe you should consider bringing in your friends. Another disadvantage would be the fact that you would have to cook for yourself. Yes, the housework will be taken care of by the housekeeping team, but they won’t be making your breakfast, lunch and dinner. For some people, though, this is more of a positive than a negative, especially knowing that there are shops and restaurants around the property. Also, some short lets are stocked with food and drinks you could use on your first day/night of your stay.

What do you think, what is the better option to take when travelling? Would you consider booking a hotel room or a short let and what are the reasons that will outweigh either option?

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